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Hunting Experts in Pakistan is a hunting company based in Pakistan.

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Let's Challenge Your Adrenaline

Elevate your adrenaline with Markhor Trophy Hunting in Pakistan. Join Hunting Experts for an unforgettable adventure in the heart of untamed wilderness

“Unforgettable Markhor Trophy Hunt! Hunting Experts delivered an adrenaline-packed adventure with expert guidance and a strong commitment to conservation. A top choice for an extraordinary hunting experience in Pakistan.”

- Rick Riordan

Discover the Wild with Us

Embark on untamed adventures with Hunting Experts. Redefining trophy hunting, our experiences promise unparalleled thrills in the heart of the wild.

Why Us?

Hunting Experts is your premier choice for hunting adventures in Pakistan. With over 6 years of proven excellence, we guarantee legal compliance, led by passionate hunter Mr. Faisal Ayaz Arif. Our commitment to exemplary standards ensures each expedition is extraordinary, setting us apart in crafting unforgettable experiences.

Expertise Beyond Measure

Over 6 years of organizing top-tier hunts across Pakistan, ensuring an unmatched adventure.

Legal Assurance

Fully registered outfitters, guaranteeing seamless logistics and compliance with all regulations.

Passionate Leadership

Led by avid hunter Mr. Faisal Ayaz Arif, our team understands and exceeds the expectations of fellow hunters.

Exceptional Standards

We elevate the hunt experience, setting and surpassing high standards to make each expedition extraordinary.

“Hunting Experts delivered an adrenaline-packed hunting experience. The expert team, legal compliance, and Mr. Faisal Ayaz Arif’s leadership made it a journey to remember. Highly recommended!” 

Cheryl Butler

“Choosing Hunting Experts was a game-changer. The legal assurance, seasoned leadership, and unmatched standards exceeded expectations. An outstanding adventure from start to finish!” 

Rita Eland

“Hunting with Experts was a highlight. The 6 years of expertise showed in every detail. Legal logistics, passionate leadership, and high standards made it an unforgettable expedition.” 

Ted Ortega

“Hunting Experts stands out for a reason. The proven excellence, legal confidence, and commitment to high standards made the hunt an absolute delight. A must for any avid hunter!” 

Kayla Wheatly