Markhor Hunting in Pakistan


A little about us

Hunting Experts are the enrolled hunting outfitters in Pakistan and operates in all territories of Pakistan. We are here to put together a top notch hunt for you with complete safety, satisfaction and achievement. We are experienced outfitters and hunters and exactly awarded about the skills and ethics of outfitting and hunting. Come and join us to have an adventure of a lifetime.

About Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the most unique countries on the essence of the earth. It is honored with an assortment of mountain game animals. Every year Pakistan attracts too many hunters, who are doing their Capra World Slam and Ovis World Slam.

Pakistan is the home of some extremely uncommon mountain creatures. Nowadays, it is considered as the most appealing hunting destination round the globe. It has 3 sorts of markhors, 2 sorts of ibex, 4 sorts of sheep and 2 sorts of gazelles.

Its a place of extreme contrast from the cold pinnacles of Himalayas to the dry slopes of Baluchistan. It has Hindukush, Karakoram and Himalayas. Its desolate plains have extended over miles. Its a place where there are incredible open doors for hunting. It’s a genuine heaven for hunters. In the past era, it was the most loved hunting place for some Britishers. But now it’s your chance to hunt your fantasy mountain game animal and help us in the conservation venture. Markhor Hunting in Pakistan

Markhor Hunting in Pakistan

If you’re looking for an adventure of a lifetime, look no further than Hunting Experts. We’re the premier hunting outfitters in Pakistan, and we’ll take care of everything from safety to satisfaction. With our experience and expertise, you’re sure to have a hunt you’ll never forget. So come join us for the hunt of a lifetime!