Trophy hunting in Pakistan


Trophy hunting in Pakistan

Afghan Urial

Afghan urial is the sub-specie of Urial. Overall color varies from reddish-buff to yellowish-brown. Rump patch and underparts are white, the face a bluish-gray. Rams have a white bib, long black neck ruff and a small black saddle spot in the winter coat. Trophy hunting in Pakistan

Afghan Urial Hunting
Astor Markhor hunting

Astor Markhor

Astor markhor is the sub specie of markhor found in Gilgit-Baltistan, province of Pakistan. Its body size is bigger as compare to all other sub species of markhor. The hair coat is long and thick in winter.

Axis Deer

A beautiful medium-sized deer, slender and graceful. The coat is a bright reddish-fawn covered with permanent white spots and has a dark dorsal stripe. The spots on the lower flanks are arranged in longitudinal rows.

Axis Deer Hunting
Black Buck Hunting

Black Buck

A slender, graceful, very handsome antelope with contrasting dark and white coloration. Considered by many to be the most attractive and elegant of gazelles. One of the few antelopes where the sexes have different coloration.

Blandford Urial

Blandford Urial is found in Sindh province(South of Pakistan). Fortunately , this sub species of Urial is found only in Pakistan. It is considered as the most beautiful Urial specie round the globe. Trophy hunting in Pakistan

Bland Ford Urial
Blue Sheep Hunting Program

Blue Sheep

Blue sheep, also known as ‘Bharal’ locally, It’s indigenous of Pakistan and  Nepal. This animal with it’s good number of population occupies most of the Karakram range. Hunting can be carried out in two different areas, Simshal and KVO. The tags for Blue sheep are issued in a very limited number.

Chinkara Gazelle

A graceful, elegant gazelle with a relatively long neck, legs and ears. The upperparts are a sandy reddish-brown, darkening slightly where they meet the white underparts. The chin, breast, belly and inside of legs are white. The tail is very dark brown, as are the knees. The bridge of the nose and forehead are brown, and brown stripes extend from the inner corner of the eyes to the nose.

Trophy hunting in Pakistan
Trophy hunting in Pakistan

Himalayan Ibex

The Himalayan Ibex is indigenous of Himalayan and Karakoram Range of Pakistan. Hunting can be carried out in several community managed areas, around the town of Gilgit. Skardu is considered as an Ibex country. A horn size of 40” inches is considered to be very representative. 

Hog Deer

A small deer with a low, heavy build and comparatively short legs and face. This appearance, together with its characteristic of rushing through grass with its head down like a pig, is the basis for its common name. General color is brown or yellowish-brown with a dark dorsal stripe.

Trophy hunting in Pakistan

Kashmir Markhor

Kashmir markhor is the sub specie of markhor which is also known as Pir Panjal Markhor. These markhors are found in the Chitral valleys of Khyber Pakhtun Khawa, province of Pakistan. These markhors are hunted under community based hunting program. In past, according to survey conducted by CITES and WWF with help of Wildlife department KPK, only 300 markhors were  counted. 

Kennion Gazelle

Slightly smaller than either the Salt Range or christii races of Indian gazelle, but larger than the bennetti race. The sandy coat is rather long, especially in winter. Male horns average 9-11 inches (23-28 cm) in length, with 14-1/2 inches (36.8 cm) the longest of record (Rowland Ward, 1909).

Trophy hunting in Pakistan
Trophy hunting in Pakistan


An odd-looking, horse-like antelope with high shoulders, low rump and very small horns. Overall color is iron-gray, with white markings on cheeks, ears and fetlocks. There is a tuft of stiff, black hairs on the throat, and a mane on the neck and shoulders.

Punjab Urial

Punjab Urial is the sub specie of Urial found in salt range mountains of Punjab province of Pakistan. Salt range is the place where an estimated number of 4000 Urials graze in the wild grounds.

Trophy hunting in Pakistan
Trophy hunting in Pakistan

Sindh Ibex

 Sindh Ibex is one of the handsomest beasts in the world. The warm grey of his coat shading into dark-brown points, the chin beard and proud carriage of sweeping scimitar-like horns. Shoulder height 29-37 inches. Weight (45-90 kg).

Suleman Markhor

Suleman Markhor is the sub specie of Markhor ,found in Torghar Hills located on 6-7 hour drive from Quetta. The suleman markhor is also known as straight horned markhor. Trophy hunting in Pakistan

Trophy hunting in Pakistan