Sindh Ibex Hunting Program


 Sindh Ibex is one of the handsomest beasts in the world. The warm grey of his coat shading into dark-brown points, the chin beard and proud carriage of sweeping scimitar-like horns. Shoulder height 29-37 inches. Weight (45-90 kg). Females are smaller. Differs from the typical Bezoar by being paler in color and somewhat smaller in size, and in having horns that are closer together at the tips and either without knobs on the front keel or with only a few small ones. Main requirement seems to be precipitous crags where it is safe from disturbance. It lives in arid cliffs and mountains, from near sea level to (3,350 m).  Native of west of the Indus River in southern Pakistan and the adjoining Chagai Hills of southern Afghanistan.

Altitude: 3000m-5000 m.

Temperature: 15°C to 30°C.

Trophy hunting in Pakistan


It’s a 5 days hunting program.

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