Our Matchless Team


CEO and Co-Founder

Mr. Raja Mehboob Ali is the top notch guide of northern areas of Pakistan. He has been doing guiding in the northern areas of Pakistan for over 25 years. His experience is fantastic and incomparable. His experience and controlling will helps us in getting beautiful and big rack rams. He is a Gilgit conceived fellow.His comprehension with local people is generally excellent and he always have reports of big Blue sheeps , Markhors and Himalayan Ibex by nearby residents of the hunting territories.Those people watch these animals round the year due to their nearby presence. Mr. Raja Mehoob Ali will accompany us for Himalayan Ibex, Blue sheep, Astor Markhor and Kashmir Markhor hunts.

Sardar Malik Qamaruddin

HR executive

Mr. Malik Qamar is the most main stream character in Sindh province due to his huge hunting region of Sindh Ibex , Blandford Urials and Chinkara gazelle. He owns a land around 62,000 km sq. . His zone is the greatest and most extravagant for hunting Sindh Ibex and Blandford Urial as compare to all other areas in Pakistan . They are organizing national and global hunts for over 45 years . The resort they made for hunters in middle of mountains is very much outfitted and extravagance. They have generally excellent game plans for the solace of the hunters. The present world record of Blandford Urial, measuring 36 inches is also shot in his area. Their guides, lodging area, animals and everything is incredible .Mr. Malik Qamar will accompany us for Sindh Ibex,Blandford Urial and Chinkara gazelle hunts.