Kashmir Markhor Hunting Program


Kashmir markhor is the sub specie of markhor which is also known as Pir Panjal Markhor. These markhors are found in the Chitral valleys of Khyber Pakhtun Khawa, province of Pakistan. These markhors are hunted under community based hunting program. In past, according to survey conducted by CITES and WWF with help of Wildlife department KPK, only 300 markhors were  counted. Then government started community based hunting program and issued 4 hunting permits of Kashmir markhor per year. Then the 80% of revenue collected through trophy hunting is donated to the local community, which encouraged  them to stop poaching it as a source of food . This hunting program succeed and  recently through a survey 4000 markhors were counted. Its quite easy to hunt  than Astor markhor and Suleman markhor but  hunter must be in good physical strength. A 40” size of horn is considered representable.

Altitude: 4000-5000 meters.

Temperature: 2°C to 15°C.


It’s a 7 days hunting program.

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