Hog Deer Hunting Program


A small deer with a low, heavy build and comparatively short legs and face. This appearance, together with its characteristic of rushing through grass with its head down like a pig, is the basis for its common name. General color is brown or yellowish-brown with a dark dorsal stripe. Buttocks, underside of tail and inside of ears are white. Fawns are spotted, and faint white spots can sometimes be seen on younger adults, especially in early summer. The tail is medium-long and well haired, and is sometimes displayed as a white “flag” when the animal runs off. Antlers typically have three points to a side. The short brow tine and main beam emerge from the burr as a fork, and the main beam divides again to form a terminal fork that is more or less parallel with the axis of the skull. The inner top is shorter than the beam tip and forms an acute angle with it. Feeds on grasses, leaves and shoots. Especially fond of crops, which has caused it to be killed as a pest by local farmers. Normally diurnal, becoming nocturnal where harassed. Eyesight and hearing are good, sense of smell excellent. Runs low to the ground with its head down, seldom leaping or bounding. A good swimmer, taking readily to the water when pursued. Makes a whistling sound when alarmed, followed by a coughing bark. Native of Pakistan, northern India and Bangladesh.

Altitude: Plain game.

Temperature: 15°C to 30°C.

Trophy hunting in Pakistan


It’s a 3 days hunting program.

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