Chinkara Gazelle Hunting Program


A graceful, elegant gazelle with a relatively long neck, legs and ears. The upperparts are a sandy reddish-brown, darkening slightly where they meet the white underparts. The chin, breast, belly and inside of legs are white. The tail is very dark brown, as are the knees. The bridge of the nose and forehead are brown, and brown stripes extend from the inner corner of the eyes to the nose. The horns (both sexes) exhibit many variations in shape, but most are quite straight and slightly divergent, with the tips curving a little forward and inward. They have 10-25 pronounced rings, and are well separated at the base in males-more so than in the Kennion gazelle. The female’s horns are closer together than the male’s, and thinner and straighter. Also in contrast with the Kennion gazelle, the females horns are less than half as long as the male’s. Its distribution is from the Indus River valley of Pakistan eastward through the Ganges River valley in northern India, and southward to the Deccan Plateau in southern India.

Altitude: 1500-3000.

Temperature: 15°C to 30°C.

Trophy hunting in Pakistan


It’s a 3 days hunting program.

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