Black Buck Hunting

Black Buck Hunting Program


A slender, graceful, very handsome antelope with contrasting dark and white coloration. Considered by many to be the most attractive and elegant of gazelles. One of the few antelopes where the sexes have different coloration. Mature males are a rich dark brown-sometimes almost black-on upper parts and outside of legs. The underparts, inside of legs, and area around. The eyes a sharply contrasting white.

Females are fawn and white. Young males are colored like females, darkening gradually with age until fully mature at 4-5 years. (Oddly, a few males fail to darken, although normal in other respects.). The horns (males only) are long. Closely ringed and corkscrew-shaped, with 3-5 tight twists. It lives in open plains, also thorn and dry deciduous forest. Native to the plains of India and Pakistan, where, until the last century.

It was the most abundant hoofed animal, numbering about four million. A favorite quarry of the maharajahs, who hunted them with firearms and coursed them with trained cheetahs. Prized for its meat and as a trophy. A good game animal, wary and skittish.

Altitude: Plain game.

Temperature: 15°C to 30°C.

Black Buck Hunting


It’s a 3 days hunting program.

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