Astor Markhor hunting

Astor Markhor Hunting Program


Astor markhor is the sub specie of markhor found in Gilgit-Baltistan, province of Pakistan. Animal body size is bigger as compare to all other sub species of markhor and hair coat is long and thick in winter. This Animal have a beautiful patch of beard from the chin to front legs and horns of Astor Markhor grows very widely. The habitat of this markhor is in Gilgit, Sakardu and Astor region of Northern Pakistan and in the valleys which are the branch of River Indus. Hunter should be in good physical strength and possible to hunt Himalayan Ibex, Blue sheep and Astor Markhor in a combo hunt.

Altitude: 4000-5000 meters.

Temperature: 0°C to 8°C.

Astor Markhor hunting


It’s a 8 days hunting program.

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