Afghan Urial Hunting

Afghan Urial Hunting Program


Afghan Urial is the sub-specie of Urial. Overall color varies from reddish-buff to yellowish-brown. Rump patch and underparts are white, the face a bluish-gray. Rams have a white bib, long black neck ruff and a small black saddle spot in the winter coat. The horns are homonymous, triangular in cross section, and strongly wrinkled. The longest recorded horns measured 41-1/2 inches (105 cm) (Rowland Ward, 1909). Females have small, straight horns. It is the native of Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan: West of the Indus River and north of Quetta, but south of Chitral. Boundaries with the trans-Caspian urial to the west are undetermined.

Altitude: 3000m-5000 m.

Temperature: 15°C to 30°C.

Afghan Urial Hunting


It’s a 5 days hunting program.

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